Announcing the Geotab Community Spanish Group

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Author: Mili Muniz is a Product Marketing Lead for Geotab focused on taking new products and solutions to market.

The Geotab Community is now available for Spanish-speaking Customers, Partners and Resellers.

The Geotab Community has been the place to find answers and easily connect with Geotab experts since January 2020. Now, for the first time, the Geotab Community is also available in Spanish.

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What is the Geotab Community Spanish Group?

The Geotab Community Spanish Group is the place to be for Spanish-speakers who are looking for answers to telematics or industry-based questions. It also offers an excellent learning opportunity for those hoping to increase their Geotab knowledge.

In the Spanish Community, you can ask and answer questions, read articles and benefit from the connection to the Geotab ecosystem.

The Geotab Community Spanish Group aims to provide a user-friendly virtual forum for Spanish-speaking Geotab Customers, Partners and Resellers. In this interactive forum, explore popular topics, share experiences, learn from others and help shape the future of fleet management.

What the Community can do for you

The Spanish Group aims to empower Spanish-speakers within the Geotab ecosystem by giving them the ability to quickly find answers to questions in their native language.

Top features of the Community include the opportunity to:

  • Provide world-class support to customers
  • Increase user satisfaction
  • Share expertise with others facing similar fleet challenges
  • Find answers to frequently asked questions
  • Connect with Geotab experts
  • Influence Geotab’s future products

Joining the Community

The Geotab Community Spanish Group can be accessed at the below link:

Visit the Geotab Community Spanish Group

Register today by following the steps in the Geotab Community User Guide. Once logged in, you can post and answer questions whenever you like. We encourage all users to get involved!

To learn more about getting started, read the blog post: Introducing the Geotab Community.

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