Podcast: The importance of road safety

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Author: Inshaal Badar is a Senior Content Specialist, Brand Communications for Geotab

Season two of Connected with Geotab continues with discussions from industry experts.

Over 1.4 million lives are lost on the road every year. Traffic fatalities in the U.S. have increased over the past 12 months, despite a decrease in the amount of vehicles on the road.

In this episode of Connected with Geotab, Colin Sutherland interviews David Braunstein, President of Together for Safer Roads (TSR). Braunstein discusses the importance of road safety, different ways that fleets and drivers can reduce speed-related incidents, and the importance of the Road Safety Week, and the Vision Zero Technology Fund, which helps equip essential non-profit fleets with safety technology.

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Geotab and TSR Global Road Safety Week Challenge

With the United Nations' 6th annual Global Road Safety Week taking place from May 17 to 23, Geotab has partnered with TSR to challenge its customers to reduce their speed this week and beyond.

Geotab will make a $25,000 donation to the Together for Safety Road’s Vision Zero Technology fund if the number of speed-related incidents amongst Geotab-connected fleets is reduced by 1% during Global Road Safety Week.

Learn how to get involved.

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