Geotab Drive, ELD & MyGeotab Updates — February 2018

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Welcome to What’s New — a must-read summary of recent Geotab Drive, ELD, and MyGeotab updates for Authorized Resellers and Geotab Users.

Resellers: Review this post for important changes affecting your customers and note any recommendation actions. If you have suggestions for improvement, please leave a comment below.

Geotab Users: To verify your version: go to MyGeotab > Administration > About and check the build number, (e.g. release/2018-01).

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Geotab Drive / ELD Updates

Exception notifications can be sent to drivers as text messages.
You can now configure driver feedback from rules to send messages to the driver via Geotab Drive. Simply add a Text Message notification to your rule. When the rule is broken, the system will send the notification message to the driver via Geotab Drive. Standard notification guidelines apply (using custom templates, potential message delays based on plan type, etc.)

Learn more about Adding Exception Rules & Adding Notification in our Product Guide.

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mygeotab exception rule notifications

Email Data Transfer Enabled for ELDs
Drivers and carriers can use email to transfer electronic logging (ELD) data for inspection. The data is encrypted and sent to the FMCSA and roadside inspection officer. Read more in this blog post on ELD Data Transfer Options for Geotab Drive.

geotab drive eld data transfer selection

Audible Warning for Hours of Service Limit
Geotab recognizes that making ELD compliance easy for drivers is paramount. Therefore, to help reduce distraction, Geotab has implemented an audible warning for Hours of Service limits. When a driver is reaching the driving limit, the Geotab Drive app will broadcast an audible message, in addition to displaying the Hours of Service limit message on the screen.

The Drive App will notify you when you are nearing a duty violation 2 hours before the violation, 1 hour before the violation, at 30 minutes before the violation, and right before the violation. An audible alert will not occur if the driver is in OFF or SB but, will be able to view the notification.

geotab drive audible alert warning

“No Vehicle” Option for Log Edits
In Geotab Drive HOS, we have added a “No Vehicle” device option for adding or editing historical Duty Status Logs. An example of when this would be useful, is if a driver started work earlier at the warehouse without access to the phone/tablet, then later got into the vehicle where tablet was mounted. The driver would need to create a log as ON duty and No Vehicle for the time spent working previously outside the vehicle.  

geotab drive select vehicle option

Log Pairing
Drive (D) and ON Duty (ON) Status Logs will be paired in Geotab Drive. Not claiming both Drive and ON Duty logs associated with a trip could impact a driver’s availability time.

Therefore, when drivers claim an unassigned log for one, they will receive this message: “Your current availability may be affected. Are you sure you want to claim these logs?”

geotab drive eld driver log pairing

More ELD Updates:

  • Improved login time for the Drive app.
  • Improved Web Services response messages.
  • Improved display of Diagnostic and Malfunction events.
  • Notification upon being dissociated by another driver.
  • Compliance Print in Geotab Drive will display 8 days worth of logs for drivers on American rulesets.
  • Oilfield equipment transport operation is now 24 hour restart.
  • Oil Well Wait Time now specifies that it includes a 24 hour restart.

Updates for Driver Vehicle Inspections:

  • Set Rules for DVIR Defects — MyGeotab users can now create Rules for DVIR defects. This means you can now create exception events whenever a defect is selected during a DVIR inspection. These exemptions can be vehicle, driver or group specific and can be utilized in exception reports.  
  • Improved DVIR workflow — In Geotab Drive when conducting a  DVIR if a  maintenance technician deems a defect as Not Necessary for a repair, the pop-up notification has been revised to state: “The repair is marked as not necessary.”

Learn More: Please consult the Geotab Drive Compliance and Implementation Guide for information on Hours of Service and DVIR, ELD reports, MyGeotab Add-Ins, and access the Driver and Administrator Guides.

Download Geotab Drive from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Database Updates

New diagnostic codes have been added. See list of new codes here.

Report Enhancements

Improvements to Advanced HOS Logs Report
The Advanced HOS Logs Report now contains additional report options. The report can be run by: modifications made; identified or unidentified drivers; CMV engine power up/shutdown; certification/re-certification of records; login/logout activity; malfunction or diagnostic occurrence; exemptions (AdverseWeather, WT, Authority, Exemption16H); and Statuses (ON, OFF, D, SB, INT_PC, INT_D, PC, YM).

geotab advanced hos logs report options screen

More Report Updates:


Group-Based Email Notifications
Keep team members up to date with new group-based email notifications. Email notifications can now be sent to groups.

SDK Updates

December 2017 SDK Updates:

  • API.cs (dotnet only) – Fix: When password and session id are supplied to constructor, session id will be used until no longer valid. Previously, session id would only be used if password was not supplied.
  • FuelTaxDetail – Added properties: ”IsEnterOdometerInterpolated”, “IsExitOdometerInterpolated”, “HourlyIsOdometerInterpolated”
  • User – Removed property: “MenuCollapsedNotified”

January 2018 SDK Updates:

  • KnownId – Removed: “UnitOfMeasureLitersPer100KilometersId”. Diagnostics associated with this unit of measure now use “UnitOfMeasureKilometersPerLiterId”. This will not affect any previously recorded data.
  • KnownId – Added: “DiagnosticGpsLogReasonId”, “DiagnosticEngineRoadSpeedId”
  • ConditionType – Added: “DVIRDefect” – Currently works with Devices not Trailers
  • SecurityIdentifier – Added: “DriverIdentificationClearance”, “AccelerometerDataClearance”, “ServicePlansClearance”, “AuxiliaryClearance”, “EngineStatusDataClearance”, “ResellerControlClearance”, “GoTalkClearance”, “StatusGroupsClearance”, “ProductGuideClearance”, “FeaturePreviewClearance”, “NewsNotificationsClearance”, “ManageAddinsClearance”, “DeviceCurrentStatusClearance”
  • The following properties have been added to FuelTaxDetail:
    • IsEnterOdometerInterpolated
    • IsExitOdometerInterpolated
    • HourlyIsOdometerInterpolated

In early 2018, the following legacy properties will be removed:

  • Authenticate: “userLogin” parameter.
  • LoginResult: “securityToken” property.

Read the complete update on the MyGeotab SDK What’s New page.

User Interface (UI) Enhancements

  • On the Engine Measurements page, users can now select historical vehicles. This access is useful for support purposes, Accident Reconstruction, or reviewing historic data.
  • The Support page has been added to the list of default page startup options.
  • Drivers will be required to review the End User License Agreement (EULA) upon logging into the Geotab Drive app.
  • For greater clarity and ease of use, we have improved the Show Help text on the HOS Settings, User Edit page.
  • Improved auto-scaling of graphs for better visibility.
  • Enhanced display options on the Vehicle Maintenance History page for better usability.

mygeotab engine measurements screen display options


  • Added Simplified Chinese language support for reports.

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