New Changes to the Geotab End User Agreement

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Author: Laurence Prystawski, General Counsel

Geotab is pleased to release a revised and refreshed version of our End User Agreement (EUA), effective as of May 21, 2018. These are the first changes to the Getoab EUA since June 1, 2016. The Geotab EUA covers the Geotab firmware on each GO Device as well as the MyGeotab software-as-a-service platform.

The Geotab EUA serves several purposes, including:

  1. Set Expectations — The main reason Geotab requires end users to agree to the EUA is to clearly establish what you can expect from us and what we expect from you in your use of the Geotab solution.
  2. Describe Permitted Uses — Among other things, the EUA describes the permitted uses of the Geotab solution and sets out Geotab’s product warranty, along with industry-leading protection in the event an intellectual property infringement claim is made against your use of the Geotab solution.  
  3. Explain Data Handling Procedures — The EUA also clearly explains how we handle data, both the individual vehicle data you use to track your fleet and the aggregated data we use for things like fleet benchmarking and other new offerings.

This new set of revisions ensures our EUA keeps step with two key industry developments that affect our customers: the new ELD Mandate now in effect in the United States and the European General Data Protection Regulation coming into force in May of this year. Additionally, any time we revise the EUA we review the end user feedback we have received since the last revision and incorporate requested and other changes that we believe make the EUA more transparent, easy to read, and end user friendly.

GDPR Readiness

One of the main drivers behind this new release of the EUA is the coming into force of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on May 25, 2018. Over the past year Geotab has undertaken an extensive GDPR compliance exercise to get ready for the GDPR and we are confident in our capabilities as May 25, 2018 draws near. For more information see the blog post Gearing Up for GDPR Compliance.

The EUA now contains GDPR-specific data processing terms which document our handling of any personal information processed through the Geotab platform by our European end users. The EUA itself, these GDPR-specific data processing terms and our Technical and Organizational Data Security Measures Statement (TOMS) form the basis for GDPR-compliant processing of personal data in the EU.  

As part of the GDPR-focused revisions to the EUA we also simplified and clarified the language surrounding our handling of Individual Vehicle Data and Aggregated Data, as well as confirmed our confidentiality commitment with respect to end user data processed through the Geotab platform. Additionally, we have referenced and linked to our TOMS and our Data Analytics Policy from these sections in order to provide greater transparency surrounding our security measures and data analytics activities.

While these changes are designed to satisfy our European end users’ GDPR requirements, the standards and techniques which we apply to our data processing activities to achieve GDPR compliance apply to all data we process on the Geotab platform, to the benefit of all our end users.

Other Provider Terms

The other main area of change in the EUA is in the Other Provider Terms, which are linked from the EUA. As a reminder, the Other Provider Terms contain terms and conditions that several of our suppliers require us to pass through to our end users as part of using certain features or functionalities of the Geotab platform.  

The changes to the Other Provider Terms are as follows:

  • For those end users who acquire Garmin tablets through Geotab for use as part of the Geotab Drive (ELD) solution, the Other Provider Terms now contain the license terms from Garmin and from SOTI, who is the provider of the Mobile Device Management software installed on the Garmin tablets.  
  • We have removed the Internet Bandwidth — Acceptable Use Policy from the Other Provider Terms, as it is no longer applicable to our solution.  
  • Finally, one of our mapping providers, Google Maps, has updated certain of its terms which are accessible through the “Google Maps/Google Earth Additional Terms of Service” link in the Other Provider Terms — these updated terms are applicable to you if you use Google Maps as part of the Geotab solution.


Like many platform providers with thousands of customers, Geotab uses a click-to-accept mechanism to enter into our EUA. This is the most practical and efficient way to contract with such a large number of customers, and helps us to keep a level playing field among our customer base. However, we understand and appreciate that click-to-accept only works if the agreement we are asking you to accept is practical, reasonable and transparent. That’s why we have always welcomed feedback from our ecosystem members and have done so again since our last EUA update in June 2016.

Many of the additional changes in this new version of the EUA implement the most common requests received from our end users, which make the EUA more clear and easy to read and create terms that are more favourable to our end users, such as the elimination of a fixed time period in which warranty claims can be made and the extended confidentiality protection described above.  

If you wish to review the new End User Agreement please visit the following link. We have also made available a redlined version, clearly identifying the changes made at the following link. The revised Other Provider Terms are available here.  

On and after May 20, 2018 you will be required to click-to-accept the new version of the EUA the first time you access the MyGeotab portal. If you have any questions about the new EUA, please contact our legal team at

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Originally published May 20, 2016. Updated May 14, 2018.