Top 12 Most Popular Geotab Marketplace Solutions for Latin America

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Author: Mili Muniz, Jr. Bilingual Marketing Coordinator

Geotab is much more than GPS tracking. With the Geotab Marketplace of telematics Add-Ons, software Add-Ins, mobile apps and more, fleets can customize Geotab to their specific business needs. To highlight some of these great options, we compiled a list of the top 12 most popular solutions on the Geotab Marketplace available in Latin America (in alphabetical order).

1. AssetPack-3™ – AP3™

Designed for unpowered assets, AssetPack-3™ – AP3™ (AP3) hardware Add-On is a low profile, solar and battery-powered GPS asset tracker and sensor monitoring solution. It is fully-ruggedized device, meaning it is entirely enclosed, waterproof and dustproof to withstand harsh conditions. AP3 is ready-to-deploy with no wires or cables needed and can be installed in under 30 seconds.

AssetPack-3 AP3 Geotab Marketplace

2. ContiPressureCheck

ContiPressureCheck by Continental Tire is a real-time tire pressure and temperature monitoring system for commercial fleets. Sensors mounted inside the truck tires captures tire-related data. Thanks to integration with the MyGeotab fleet management software, users can monitor tire inflation pressure and temperature in real-time from their fleet dashboard.

ContiPressureCheck diagram Geotab Marketplace

3. Cummins Connected Diagnostics

Eliminate the guesswork with Cummins Connected Diagnostics integrated software solution. Receive immediate notifications of Cummins fault codes, severity, and recommendations for continued vehicle operation. Genuine Cummins Fault Notification Compatible with multiple vehicles types: bus, limo, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), vans, pickup trucks, passenger vehicles and Light, Medium or Heavy-Duty trucks. Read how remote diagnostics works in this blog post.

Cummins Connected Diagnostics Equipment Status screen Geotab Marketplace

4. The Driver Challenge

Engage, motivate and coach your drivers with The Driver Challenge mobile app and MyGeotab software Add-In from d2go. This gamification solution scores drivers on pre-selected KPIs and provides weekly and quarterly trend analysis. The Driver Challenge is a fun and friendly way to provide driver feedback and improve driving behavior in the fleet.

Driver Challenge Geotab Marketplace

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5. Mobility Managed Services

E2CC Mobility Managed Services is a customized mobility solution provider. They can help you with tablet procurement, loading and kitting. E2CC equips tablets with mobile device management software, to lock down tablets for business use only and block unwanted activities such as web-browsing or using personal and social networking apps. Services include 24-hour support, 7 days a week by phone, email and chat.

E2CC Mobility Managed Services Geotab Marketplace

6. Garmin GPS

Expand your fleet management solution with Garmin GPS. Garmin offers a range of capabilities from basic (messaging and job dispatch) up to advanced (sensor control and Hours of Service). Support fleet communication and efficiency with great features such as driver ID, estimated time of arrival (ETA), road segment avoidance, and path-specific routing.

Garmin GPS Truck Inspection Form

7. Mobileye Advanced Collision Prevention

Warn drivers of the risk of a collision before it happens with Mobileye Advanced Collision Prevention. The hardware Add-On for Geotab telematics continuously monitors the road ahead and analyzes the risk of  numerous hazards, including: forward collisions, lane departures, tailgating, speeding, and potential pedestrian and cyclist collisions. Suitable for a wide variety of vehicle, from trucks to school buses, and requires very little driver training. Also read more in the Mobileye Review blog post.

Mobileye Advanced Collision Prevention charts

8. Pronto DVIR

Pronto DVIR by ProntoForms is a mobile solution for completing vehicle inspections from a smartphone or tablet. Enhance inspection reports by including photos, sketches, audio recordings, and date, time or GPS stamps. Inspect vehicles online or offline, when outside of cell service. Auto-populated and mandatory fields ensure the right information is captured.

Pronto DVIR Geotab Marketplace

9. ProntoForms Mobile Forms

ProntoForms Mobile Forms helps enhance your fleet operations with smart mobile forms by improving worker productivity and compliance. Easy to use, this MyGeotab Add-In has an app where workers can collect, access, and share company data with back-office systems, cloud services, and individuals.

ProntoForms Mobile Forms Geotab Marketplace

10. RAM Mounting Solutions

Secure in-vehicle devices with RAM Mounts for Geotab — rugged and versatile mounting systems for your fleet cameras, tablets and other mobile devices. Made to work hard, RAM Mounts are powder-coated marine-grade aluminum with lightweight and high-strength composites, stainless steel hardware and rubber balls. Many options are available, including the RAM Tab-Lock™ cradle for heavy-duty use, X-grips, section cups and more.

RAM Mounting Solutions Geotab Marketplace

11. Valor TempTrac

Monitoring up to four temperature zones simultaneously while transmitting temperature readings through your Geotab GO device to the MyGeotab software in real-time, the Valor TempTrac reefer temperature monitoring Add-On allows companies that ship fresh produce, frozen goods, or high-value assets via refrigerated transport. SMS or email alerts are immediately sent when the temperature goes above or below a safe amount.

Fleet managers and drivers can gain peace of mind by understanding the temperature throughout the delivery process. Read the guest post on the new FDA food safety rule by Valor’s Robert Momich.

Valor TempTrac Geotab Marketplace

12. ZenduCAM – Smart Witness

Are you looking for a solution to help protect your fleet against insurance fraud and false claims? ZenduCam – SmartWitness captures actual event footage. Rules-based recording can be configured for accident and harsh driving events, backing up when leaving, geofenced-based alerts, driver vehicle inspection start, aux/measurements (such as PTO, reefer temp, etc.) or forward and lane departure warnings.

ZenduCam Smart Witness Geotab Marketplace


Discover the possibilities! You can find solutions these solutions and much more at the Geotab Marketplace. Visit the to find the solution that’s right for you and your fleet.


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